Comment section on a YouTube video has a lot of weightage in the performance of an entire YouTube channel. Because it is one of the direct mediums between the viewer and the admin. It is the feature where the creator or the YouTuber can understand what his/her content is performing? How is it benign taken by the audience? 

Both positive and negative feedback is important for understanding the performance of a YouTube video and the comment section is the best place for this analysis. You should be aware that you may use this incredible comments area to acquire 10% more views on YouTube if you are looking for feedback on your content through comments on your videos. Let’s know how-

Register your Presence

If you want to improve the view counts of your channel, you can use the comments section in a very convenient way. You just have to make sure that you will register your presence via responding to the relevant and valid comments in an appropriate manner. Make the audience feel that you are acknowledging their queries, doubts, and queries sincerely. Also you can show your gratitude through your heartfelt responses.

Another source of Communication

As we use DMs and emails for communication for leads and pitch. You can also use the comment section in an amplified manner to pitch the potential customers in proper manner. You can even get positive leads through proper judgment and response in the comment section. Just you have to make sure that you are continuously tracking the comments.

Use Professional Service for Comment Marketing

As we know, comment marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing in the YouTube market. To match the high competition, you have to make proper use of this available resource. You can even buy real YouTube comments through organic services like LenosTube for growing views on your YouTube channel. 

Build Loyal Community

You can even build your brown loyal community with the help of YouTube comment marketing. Ultimately you will get a strong pipeline for your leads. You can earn a long form loyalty. In fact, you can also use this community for other marketing activities. This loyal community will become big loyal market shares for your brand eventually. Also, you can strengthen your brand base. 

Contribute in Affiliate Marketing

Comments are a great source for affiliate marketing. You can make optimum use of the comment section and also improve your affiliate marketing performance. Also add more value to your affiliate marketing campaign. This will also make you a  way for more earning opportunities as well.


YouTube’s every feature has its own value and function. It's your own way how you will use those features for your profit and channel’s growth. Comment section gives you a freedom of expression and source of feedback analysis. You can use these above mentioned benefits of the comment section of YouTube for your own growth and development.