Selling Cultural Transformation to the C-Suite

Richard Byrd, Vice President Cultural Transformation, Sprinklr

Many CEOs don’t fully understand the importance of culture in building a high-performing, profitable enterprise with happy customers and employees. In this session, learn how to sell the value of culture and use it as a lever for increasing ROI and improving employee and customer satisfaction. The session also includes techniques and technology to make the case to the C-Suite for a cultural transformation plan. Speaker Richard Byrd draws on his experiences and big wins at companies such as Allscripts, Qlik, McGraw-Hill Education and Nortel Networks, as well as his current company, Sprinklr.


How “Commsplaining” May Be Hurting Your Career

Chuck Gose, Strategic Advisor, SocialChorus; Founder, Icology
Kristin Hancock, Owner, Kristin Hancock

You’ve probably done it without realizing it. You may have even done it at work, or in front of your boss. It’s called “commsplaining” and it’s an epidemic plaguing communicators. In this humorous session, two seasoned communication pros will provide brutally honest examples of “commsplains” like survey fatigue, budget cuts, short attention spans and leaders who just aren’t on board. If you’re up for an uncomfortable conversation about the real problems communicators are facing, join Chuck Gose and Kristin Hancock to learn how to take ownership and overcome the denial we all have about explaining away our challenges.


KEYNOTE SESSION: “Becoming a Superstar Communicator”

David Pitre, President, Davis & Company

So many terrific communicators struggle to get the respect they deserve. In today’s tough business environment, it’s more crucial than ever to demonstrate the value we bring to the table as communicators. David shares the secrets of taking your work—and your career—to the next level by using strategic advising and design thinking to develop winning plans, provide dazzling insights and demonstrate measurable results. This session will provide actionable insights to help communicators across all levels of their careers become superstars and get the respect they deserve.


Ensuring that “Transformation” Isn’t a Crisis

Courtney Boone, Vice President of Global Communications, Westinghouse Electric Company

How do you communicate to employees during a $6.3 billion write-down of a global company…and continue those communications when filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy three months later? Courtney Boone shares how the world’s premier nuclear energy company sustained and improved communications with employees during a nearly two-year period of crisis. This case study provides attendees with a comprehensive view of the communications strategy employed as the company faced extensive transformation efforts. Professional communicators need to understand the importance of increasing internal communications and touchpoints during these times in order to ensure consistent, safe delivery upon commitments.


Advancing Inclusion and Diversity in Today’s Workplace

Rebecca Duff-Campbell, Senior Director of Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson
Karolyn Karl, Director of Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson

Inclusion is the key to attracting, retaining and engaging the best employees in the industry. It has become a priority for the majority of organizations, no matter the industry, age or makeup of employees. Organizations have to move away from compliance-oriented diversity quotas and embed inclusion and diversity in their business strategy and talent value proposition. In this session, we will discuss the inclusion and diversity journey, how successful companies are achieving their goals and why it matters to the bottom line, leveraging our Willis Towers Watson research and data for a basis of the discussion.