Welcoming Reception and Dinner General Session - Sunday, November 5, 2017

Steve Radick and Meredith Klein: The Story Behind 84 Lumber’s Super Bowl Commercial

When you look back at the biggest stories of Super Bowl LI, there’s the Patriots’ comeback…and 84 Lumber – a lumber company from southwestern PA that pulled off the only 90-second ad in eight weeks. In this session, learn how Brunner made the entire world care about 84 Lumber and what they stood for.

Morning General Session - Monday, November 6, 2017

Steve Crescenzo: Cutting through the Clutter  Creating communications that people will reach, engage, and motivate your most important audiences

Let’s face it: It’s getting harder and harder to capture the attention of our audiences with our communication efforts. Limited attention spans, increased workloads, more and more competition . . . these things are making it almost impossible for our key messages to get through. Almost impossible . . . but not impossible. Not if you change the very nature of how you communicate. In this dynamic session, leading corporate communication expert Steve Crescenzo will draw from dozens of real-life examples to show you:

  • How to take those tired, old stories and flip them upside down — so that people actually pay attention to them;
  • How to start add social and multimedia channels to your arsenal—the right way!
  • How to get your audiences involved in your content, so you’re not just a publisher . . . you’re a community organizer
  • How to start using all of your channels together to reach, engage, motivate, and inform your various audiences
  • How to start using your vehicles to change the culture in your organization from “We’ve always done it this way,” to “Let’s try something different and see if it works.”

Lunch General Session - Monday, November 6, 2017

John Brabender: Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail

John Brabender has tales to tell from his experiences with political campaigns – from leading communications for presidential and senatorial candidates to prepping the vice presidential candidate for a bitter debate.  And others have taken note.  As more and more companies and organizations face increasing competitive, disruptive, and even crisis situations, lessons learned on the political battlefield are now being studied and embraced by mainstream marketers and communications practitioners. This has led John Brabender to coin the term “adversarial marketing.”

To help better evaluate what works and doesn’t in an adversarial marketing situation, his firm, Brabender Cox, reviewed over 100 campaigns they have been involved with over the last five election cycles.  That included hundreds of surveys, thousands of questions, hours of focus group tape, and analytics from a large sampling of digital ads.  From this analysis they determined what messaging and creative approaches worked best, and what strategic formula established the most optimized opportunity for success. Many of the findings to be shared were strikingly counter to what is traditionally taught in MBA programs across America.

Lunch General Session - Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jennifer Bullano: Game Plan for Communicating Like A Champion

Peek behind the curtain into the communications team for the Stanley Cup-winning Pittsburgh Penguins. See how great communications can energize every aspect of business. Discover the ways social media and multimedia tools have changed the way we interact with our sales partners and personalize our marketing efforts. Learn how to manage the superstar effect, engage hockey fans, adapt to current trends and avoid complacency.