While You Weren’t Looking, Richmond Got Cool!

Jack Berry, President – Richmond Region Tourism

The secret is out! Jack Berry will explain how a city known for its history transformed itself into one of the top East Coast tourist destinations, as noted by Forbes magazine and Lonely Planet, as a “Must-See” city in 2018. Find out why Richmond has had a record number of visitors year after year. And why it’s a Travel + Leisure Top Destination and National Geographic Travel touted it as one of the “Best place to travel for food.”

Protecting Your Brand: How to Manage Fake News in the Real World

John Deveney, ABC, Fellow IABC, APR, Fellow PRSA; Founder – DEVENEY

     No matter your industry, the fake news hysteria should not be taken lightly. As consumers become more empowered by social media, brand reputations lie in the hands of anyone with an internet connection and malicious intent. Companies that are proactive in crisis management are more likely to minimize damage and maintain good standing.
     Understanding the philosophy of how and why to communicate with the public during a crisis will help you to develop your messaging strategy and minimize the potential damage to the organization’s reputation. By following certain pre-crisis, mid-crisis and post-crisis recommendations, organizations can take back control of the conversation surrounding their brands and navigate the situation more effectively.
     Join John Deveney, ABC, IABC Fellow, as he uncovers the approach brands must take to keep viral storms from escalating in the face of fake news, featuring concrete examples from national and local brands.

Developing a Strategic Mindset — Your Most Powerful Credential

James Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC, APR, Fellow PRSA; Fellow PRSA; BEPS Emeritus; President, America’s Crisis Guru® – The Lukaszewski Group

Achieving a more successful, happier, satisfying, influential career can be summed up in seven words: be heard, have influence, access and impact. This presentation is designed to help change your perspective, personal beliefs, and become more strategic, through a more management-oriented approach, adding substantial value to your organization, clients and profession. It will help you examine yourself, how you think, learn, give advice, build your credibility, management trust, and acceptance.

The session has 5 powerful personal goals:
1. Building your influence,
2. Acceptance of your counsel, the art of giving advice
3. Being sought after, called earlier
4. Having more personal impact
5. Knowing when you have become a trusted strategic advisor

What Are You Waiting For? Renew your Skills/Mindset/Career Today

Jennifer Wah, Fellow IABC; Chief Storyteller – Forwords Communications, Inc.

This conference will give you three days of idea sharing and things to think about that can revolutionize your career.  How can you now go back home and create new opportunities to increase your value for your career and your organization?  How can you listen for the opportunities that can present themselves in the everyday world? To have a more entrepreneurial mindset about how you use your skills, now that you’ve had this chance to invest in yourself?  Learn from Jennifer Wah.