KEYNOTE SESSION: “Managing Your Brand Reputation in a Fragmented, Omnichannel Media World”

Andy Hetzel, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The replacement of traditional media platforms by digital channels with narrowly segmented core audiences – plus the rise of well-networked advocates and activists – presents brands with greater opportunity and greater risk than ever before in managing reputations that influence brand value.  Andrew Hetzel will explain the considerations of Michigan’s best-known and most widely held health insurance brand in managing brand image, corporate reputation and day-to-day communications.


KEYNOTE SESSION: “Consumers in Control: The New Reality for Marketing and Communications”

Brad Heureux, Founder and CEO, Zing Media Group

Never before has technology been adopted at a faster pace by the consumer…and it’s fueling a demand for ever-more-personalized communication from the organizations where they work, play and shop. Consumers want what they want, when and how they want it, and companies are racing to catch up. In this session, Brad Heureux addresses innovative strategies for embracing this new reality by leveraging technology and storytelling in a world that requires it.


Beyond Thought Leadership: A Case Study in Driving Awareness, Credibility and Lead Generation

Peggy Fenwick, Founder & Principal, MarkitStrategies & PR
Julie Rogier, Director of Marketing, Ultra Consultants

Getting your message out to target audiences is a challenge in the business-to-business sector. Thought leadership programs are powerful ways to inform, educate, persuade and communicate the impact the company delivers. Peggy Fenwick and Julie Rogier provide a real-world case study of how a relevant thought leadership program can drive awareness, credibility, lead generation and communicate something meaningful that connects with the audience. This presentation offers two unique perspectives—the client side, as well as the agency supporting these efforts. Attendees will leave the session with actionable tips and ideas to put in place at their organizations.


Using Personalized Video to Enhance Student Recruiting

Bill Haley, President, Allied Pixel
Cathy Toner, Assistant Dean, Communication and Marketing, Villanova School of Business

The Villanova School of Business (VSB) is one of the country’s top business schools. But like many universities today, it faces strong competition for students. VSB is using personalized video to enhance its recruiting efforts. In this session, Bill Haley and Cathy Toner deconstruct VSB’s early action candidate marketing campaign, focusing on the personalized video campaign to show how it was conceived, constructed and executed. They’ll also cover the end result of using personalization and talk about performance metrics, ROI as well as challenges, opportunities and next steps for using this exciting new technology.


Tuesday Closing Keynote: “Detroit Homecoming: Tapping the Expat Community to Drive Investment, Revitalization”

Colleen Robar, President, Robar PR
Jim Hayes, co-director of Detroit Homecoming and former publisher, FORTUNE Magazine
Keenan Covington, Homecoming expat liaison, Crain’s Detroit Business 

Detroit’s resurgence has been a boon for business and the community. A catalyst for this investment has been the highly successful annual “Detroit Homecoming,” an experiential three-day event which brings expats back to the city. Detroit Homecoming launched in 2014 and has welcomed 700 former Detroiters back to the Motor City. The result? More than $300 million in direct investment and $500 million in indirect investment. Learn how this landmark program was launched and why other urban cities are now copying this successful model as an innovative economic development tool.